I remember how much I looked forward to wandering through shops filled with pint-sized clothing. Our road to parenthood was much bumpier than I imagined it would be, and being able to touch and ooh and ahh over onsies was one of the tangible signs that we'd made it. 

As we've added more children to our family, hand-me-downs have taken precedence over new purchases. But still, I've always loved the thrill of choosing miniature outfits. 

Our firstborn is the most fashion-forward in our family. And not just because she's about to become a tween (whaaaaaaaaaat? already?????????)—she's just always had a good eye. 


MoccasinsShe puts together the most delightful and bohemian-esque ensembles and offers her dear, old mom great advice when it's time to get dressed up. She also inspires her two younger sisters—who are doing their best to follow in her blue, suede moccasins. 

Her birthday is this week, so we've been gathering a few gifts from her wish list.

This year, she asked for a very specific and reasonably-priced hoodie that can only be found in a certain teen-centred store. 

The littlest one and I went there last week for the first time. 

When I caught sight of my three-year-old dancing in front of a row of mirrors to the Justin Beiber that was pumping out of the overhead speakers, I felt something strange.

I felt sad.

There were no pint-sized sections in the store. In fact, the smallest sizes would be slightly big for the girl who sent me there. 

And I thought, how am I already here?

Yesterday, JB decided to spend an afternoon with our girl, so they could choose a couple of things for her birthday. We both believe in the value of having her dad weigh in on what is and isn't acceptable attire at this age—even though she's given us no reason to fret so far. 

They went on their own, without the distraction of mom or siblings, and he sent humorous photos and texts of their adventures. 

Jeggings{These jean cut-off-jeggings were a NO!!!}

Together, they chose some really nice, parent-approved pieces. They had a lot of fun and came home with stories of loud music, stinky perfume, and having to squint in the dark to read price tags.

Later, after the kids were in bed and we were lying in bed, he told me how nice it was to spend that time with her. 

The space between us got quiet after that, but I know we were connected by the same thought.

How are we already here?



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ring in spring {giveaway}

I'm going to pretend my toes aren't frozen and the ground isn't covered with snow, and allow my imagination to take me to a place with green grass and bright blue skies.

Today is the first day of spring and the perfect time to celebrate my readers with some spring-inspired appreciation.

Once again, I am partnering with talented jeweller, Miranda Britton, for a One of a Kind giveaway.

Miranda has been working on some new and stunning pieces for the show. 





To enter this giveaway, go and visit Miranda's Etsy shop, then come back and leave a comment below to let us know which piece(s) caught your eye. The randomly selected winner will win TWO ADMISSION TICKETS to the Toronto One of A Kind spring show as well as a $25 gift voucher to spend at Miranda's booth.



I'll select the lucky winner on March 27th.

The pass and voucher will be available for pick up at the box office.

Good luck!

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400 words about things i love

This post was inspired by similiar lists on Schmutzie and The Kids Are Alright.

There's more to me than meets the eye. 


* * *

dim sum + road trips + Christmas music + the smell of dry leaves + flannel sheets on bare feet + the way my kids colour spread-eagled on the floor + baby kicks from the inside + luscious pregnancy hair + night owls + catching my toddler lip syncing to the radio in the rearview mirror + DVD box sets + ketchup chips + my iphone + dimples on the backs of my kids' hands + the way my dad squeezes tea bags with the back of his spoon + anne murray + my mom's homemade congee + the sound of mah jong blocks sliding around on a table + visiting my alma mater + the feeling of sand being pulled away from under my feet by a wave + backwards waves from babies + my beautiful husband + having a sister + sending cards + receiving cards + feather pillows + crunchy snow under big boots + new friends + old friends + choirs + fried tomatoes + cousins + campfires + books + baths + chai + alice munro + Irish folk songs + concerts + kissing + someone else brushing my hair + finding the perfect gift + watching the perfect gift being opened + surprises + sad songs + margaret laurence + chocolate milk on cornflakes + love notes + photographs + breastfeeding + soup + weddings + the Chinese new year dragon dance + anything a la mode + happy endings + film festivals + my aunt's dumplings + going to school + learning something new + motherhood + gratitude + friendly strangers + carol shields + seaside towns + my in-laws + when my parents hold hands + midwives + snow lying still on branches + thank you notes + bento boxes + listening to my husband sing + being married + family dinners + newborns + etsy + contact lenses + sarah slean + watching my daughters dance + listening to my son play the piano + crushes + itunes shuffle + bbq bits n' bites + tutus + boat rides + date nights in our family room + Soho + meryl streep + clouds in a blue sky + Cape Cod + tea + book stores + picture frames + argyle socks + regina spektor + my husband's nose + duvets + the internet + scott speedman + corduroy + stews + cauliflower + recitals + picking my kids up from school + being moved to cry + hugs + dreams + lattes + when good things happen to good people + singing in the car + perspective + a cappella + grapefruit halves with sugar on top + writing + laughing really hard + a warm house on a cold day + my life + me


Apparently, I could have summarized the things I love into: family, food, Canadian talent, and goodness; but that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

Go on. Give it a try.

What are some of the hundreds of things you love?

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