In three days, I'll be at the Blissdom conference for the second time. But instead of planning and packing for this year's experience, I can't stop thinking about the last one. 

Mammayamma{Blissdom 2011}

I remember being in the audience for opening remarks. I had a notebook and pen. I was there to learn how to use social media to promote a company I worked for; I had no expectations for my own writing.

After listening to the welcome, I stood up and walked past the mini-sessions for brands and businesses and sat down with a group of writers.

It just felt right. 

And, oh, it was. It really, really was. There I met a feisty writer with kind eyes and a beautiful smile. She led the discussion and she changed my life. She relit a fire I had left to extinguish. And as we went around the table and I heard names like Schmutzie and Palinode, I started to fill my notebook. 

For the rest of the weekend, I wrote down blog names and twitter handles and fought the urge to run to a corner and start reading. All of it. All of them. I was captivated by the affection they had for their stories, by their commitment to truthtelling.

I hadn't felt that way about writing for a long time. I had let myself believe I wouldn't feel it again. 

I came home and read and read and read. And then I wrote and wrote and wrote.

This space was born because of Blissdom. And part of me is afraid to go back; to return with my own blog, and stories, and truths. 

So I remind myself that even with the embarrassing, fumbling posts of my early blogging days, I have grown. And instead of editing or deleting those posts, I will have affection for them.

{My magical notebook} 

I will go to this conference again and grow some more. 

I will balance coffee cups on tiny saucers and see some of the faces I've connected with over words.

My words. Their words. Our words. 


I'm not the only one who's been growing around here.

I am thrilled to share my first Today's Parent blog post about a bittersweet milestone. 

Picture 4





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