I was recently asked to be a guest judge for a pay-it-forward holiday contest — the best kind, really.

After reading the lovely nominations, I found my choice easily.


I remember giving birth to our third child and hearing the midwife call out the words, "It's a girl." Oh how I cried. A sister for our daughter. A lifelong friend. 

And because I married into an amazing family, I now have three more; each one brings something special to my life. 

In Deborah's nomination letter for her sister, Rachel, she writes: "My sister just had her second baby and despite being overtired and busy, she always makes time for me. She remembers everything that is happening in my life." 

It's a message I try and instill in my kids every chance I can. On the weekend, I brought my reluctant older daughter to stand outside little sister's dance class. We talked about how much it would mean for the little one to see her dancer sister in the window.

"Because she looks up to me?" she asked. 


And she always will.

We all want the people we love most to care about what we're doing and to notice what matters to us. 

It touched me to read that Rachel gives this to her sister and Deborah notices. 

Congratulations to you both for being one of the 6 Days of Sweet winners. 


All of the winners will be posted on the MollyCake fan page today. 



Elan Morgan

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