resolutions: part I


  • Whitening my teeth: Early in the new year, I am scheduled to have some of my front teeth resurfaced. There are some old fillings that are discoloured and, quite frankly, something needs to be done. Did you know your lips thin as you age? Eventually, there will be no hiding those coffee stains. The first step is whitening my teeth. BUT everyone keeps telling me stories about not being able to smile if it's cold or windy outside and I like driving with my windows down. 

  • Getting an ultrasound of my thyroid: For the last four years, my thyroid has been irritable. So much so that my girlfriend gave mine a name to make her less intimidating. Even though Tallulah has been quiet lately, my very thorough family doctor wants me to get an ultrasound. BUT the thought of that rolling wand thingy being pushed down on my throat, while I lie helplessly on my back, makes me feel really claustrophobic. 


  • Giving up dairy: My body is trying to tell me that it's totally over cow's milk, but I haven't been listening. Coffee with cream and ice cream with hot fudge are like the bread and butter or wine and martini that other women call vices. It is so hard for me to accept our love affair is over. And, yes, I know about the soy and almond and frozen yogurt. BUT none of them taste good with coffee or hot fudge. 

  • Waking up before the kids: My alarm goes off about nine minutes (one snooze button) before the kids absolutely need to get out of bed. It should go off sooner, I know. I should be giving myself enough time to take a shower and put on an actual outfit before leaving the house. BUT see below.

  • Going to bed before midnight: I tell myself it's just a phase, caused by years of being up and down in the night with babies and the undoing of my cirrcadian rhythm. BUT with a toddler at home during the day and big kids staying up later because of after-school activities and homework, my alone time has dwindled significantly. It seems I can't go to bed unless the house has been quiet for at least three hours and I've watched at least one episode of something, refreshed my Facebook feed 25 times, and devoured the internet. 


What about you?

What should you be doing for your health that you've been putting off? 



Elan Morgan

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