my sweet valentine

Pudgy, dimpled hands sticking shiny hearts to tiny cards. A beautiful, wrinkled brow painstakingly signing her name with backwards “E’s”. Yesterday, a young girl making valentines. Today, wondering if it's time to leave that all behind.

She asked me awhile ago if I thought turning 10 was a "big deal" and then waited tentatively for my answer.

It’s a time she holds my hand but wants to run ahead and catch up with friends.

It’s a time she needs my reassurance but wants to show me her way is just as good.

It's a time when she teaches and I listen and learn.

She loves to hear stories of what she used to be like, but the questions about who I think she’ll become have never been asked before now.

And so she asks me — what will I be like? Who do you think I will be?

You will be beautiful, kind and poised. The same girl you’ve always been, but bolder and wiser.

You will be 10, yes. But you will always be mine.


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Elan Morgan

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