in a land far, far away

Okay, it wasn't actually that far away. But we did stay in a hotel for Family Day weekend. For two nights. With four kids.

These are the things that happen when you stay in a hotel with four young kids:

  • you feel grateful for your detached house and sorry for the people in the rooms on either side of yours

  • you happily watch a really bad movie with your spouse because: a) you can't leave the room; b) there's a TV at the end of the bed and it's a novelty

  • you stay up late enough to watch Saturday Night Live because there's a TV at the end of your bed

  • you drink a LOT of coffee because you watch a lot of late night TV


  • you get nostalgic about giving birth every time you fill the ice bucket with ice chips (and that's a lot of nostalgia when you have an enthralled toddler rooming with you)

  • you appreciate having more than one bathroom at home

  • you get to eavesdrop on the kids' in-the-dark-before-they-go-to-sleep conversations

You also talk, bicker, ride elevators, try on shower caps and laugh.

Best part? No tip required. 




Elan Morgan

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