a quick note about shampoo

Yesterday, I posted a note on Facebook about my exciting find of the day. 


There was an immediate flutter of activity with questions ranging from "Where did you get it?" to "What the hell is it?"  to concern from a close friend that I had given up showering.


First, there was delight at finding it at my budget-friendly neighbourhood drugstore (instead of the fancy-schmancy place that tricks me into buying beauty products because they're cute and sparkly).

Second, there was relief because I had run out of my stash from the fancy-schamncy place and was in need of a replacement. Which leads me to the importance of dry shampoo in my day-to-day life.

I use dry shampoo on days that:

  • It's funky hair day, bring a book report to school day, wear your favourite pajamas inside-out day, bring a bag of cleaned out items from the recycling bin day, and darn it's not a pizza day today day. In other words, the precious extra time I could have been washing my hair was instead spent running around the house retrieving the aforementioned items

  • I have a girls' night out and told myself I'd have time to shower right before leaving the house so my hair would be at its best and perhaps escape being swept up into the inevitable ponytail, but then the dog got into the compost bin and well....the shower didn't happen

  • It's date night with my hubby and I know I can get away with a spritz of this wonder stuff because he loves me anyway

  • It's Mommy & Me swim day and I chose to shave my legs rather than wash my hair. Time management at its best.

  • Really, I'm just too darn tired to add a wash and dry to my morning routine and prefer to hit the snooze button (once or twice)

So my friends, while it doesn't beat a long shower, it's a great runner up. So run yourselves out and get some. It's on sale. You're welcome.




Elan Morgan

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