a mother's heart

A mother's heart wears the weight of worry from its very first moments.

Knowing that it's meant to make the best choices, the right choices, the selfless choices. Knowing that it's needed to feed bodies, minds, and spirits. 

It tires me and scares me, but there's too much good to call it hard.

And there are stories to remind me. The ones that shake you at your core, that fill you with another mother's weight, that move your shaking hand over your pounding heart. 

I wept when I read Heather's story. Her words crawled up into my heart and flooded it with sadness. Her heartache and loss written into every word about her son, Zack. That this boy of joy and song and dance could be quieted. That this family's love and hope and strength was not enough to keep him. It is so hard to know this. 

When I had the chance to spend time with her in a room filled with mothers, I felt unsure. How could I bring my overfull heart to the same space as hers so freshly broken? But as soon as she welcomes you, and your mother hearts collide, you feel it. 

Be glad: to know her, her story, and her mission.

And so I was and so I forever will be because of her courage. 

I ask you on her behalf, during this week spent with family, to be glad. I ask you to take the dollars you normally spend on pizza days to feed bodies, on book orders to feed minds, on special moments to feed spirits, and give them in honour of Zack.

Give them so his mother's brave heart can continue to touch others that are scared and in need of hope.

Give them so we can help to fill her wounded heart with healing.

Give them so this boy of joy can sing and dance and live on in the hearts of all who knew him. 


Read more about Zack's Dream Room here.



Elan Morgan

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