a bit about me: 10 things i can't do


  • heights: not even the second level of the local mall

  • crafty things: especially the kid-kind

  • sit near anyone who is eating cereal: the simultaneous crunching and slurping make me shudder

  • let someone else tell the story: if i was there, i have to tell it

  • organization: it's laundry for a family of six that broke this camel's back

  • early-to-bed: if the clock doesn't say 12, it's too early for me 

  • early-to-rise: see above

  • grade four math homework: what ever happened to memorizing?

  • long chats on the phone: lost that skill when i discovered email

  • sports: especially the ones where any kind of ball flies through the air


Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a writer and web designer who blogs from elanmorgan.com and works from elan.works, spreads gratitude through the graceinsmallthings.com social network, and speaks all over. They have been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health and Woman's Day magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.