one night fireworks display

There's been discussion in my mom-posse about why a certain book (yes, I've read it) is being called mommy porn (shudder) and what that classification even means.

Sure, there are props and passages that lend themselves to certain descriptions, but I think we're reading this book because it revisits a time of lust without consequence.

You know what I mean. And you would agree it's nice to remember, right?

At a recent performance by one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Sarah Slean, the audience was treated to the back story of one of her gorgeous songs. 

Picture it: Midnight in Paris, a cocktail party of poets and artists. Her eyes meet those of a handsome stranger's across the room. Later, she escapes to a balcony and feels a presence. It's him. He approaches. He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately under the stars. Fireworks.


Just like that. Really. My heart was pounding with the thought of it while she sang. Her joy in telling the story, the fact that it moved her, and stayed with her: a beautiful recollection that released a memory of my own.

Picture it: A shy girl meets up with her high school friends in a grungy dance bar while home from university for the weekend. On the dance floor, her eyes meet those of a handsome (but so-out-of-her-league) kind of guy. She blushes and looks away. Later, they bump into one another as they dance. Later still, he takes her by the hand and leads her to a dark and quiet corner. Without saying a word, he gently tilts her chin and kisses her with such passion that years later she finds it impossible to forget. Just like that.


We exchanged less than a 100 words and never saw each other again.

A moment of lust without consequence.

It didn't matter who he was or whether I thought he would call. It didn't matter that, up until then, I'd never kissed a boy I didn't care about. 


And they changed me.

I didn't open myself to anyone who saw me without knowing me. I hid behind my fear of being a disappointment. That night my fear was pushed out of the way; maybe forever. 

And when the time came that I was ready for lust and love with all its consequences, the right one was there. And I knew the difference.  

Call it porn, if you will. I call it a visit to a time worth remembering. 


Note: I've only read the first book in the series.

This post speaks to the earliest moments between the characters. 



Elan Morgan

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