I went to bed with a headache last week. It was the weekend and finding myself with a little more time than I'm used to, I decided to pull out the floss and give my teeth a good work out. I admit I don't get around to doing it every day (truthfully, not even every week). It seems after settling a household and a house for the night, I don't have the time/energy/willpower to do something I know I should be doing. Something so simple. Something for me.

And so my body told me off by getting all inflamed and sore and headachy. And that made me cranky. I felt guilty that I wasn't taking better care of myself and irritable because I never seem to have the time.

And mine came at the start of a new week with a post from a good friend.

She talks about getting caught up in the moments that leave us without time to focus on ourselves and the things that really matter.

Then she wallops us on the sides of our heads and in the centre of our hearts by telling us why that needs to change. 


Read this and you'll be sure to find yours too. 


Elan Morgan

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