a note to my former self


You've seen me splash the word Schmutzie around here before. It's no secret how much I admire her work and what an impact she made the first time I heard her speak. She helped send me in an unexpected direction. I couldn't be more grateful. 

In a recent interview with BlogHer (where she will be speaking) she shares this compelling advice with her pre-blogging self.


I would tell myself this: You are worth being heard. 

Before blogging, I doubted not only the value of my own writing and other creative projects, but I doubted the basic value of my own ideas and their worth to others. Who could possibly want to hear me? And what could I possibly have to say?

Blogging is an incredible opportunity to discover the shape and tenor of your own voice, and it is both surprising and enlightening what strengths and gifts you can find within that discovery. Words are powerful tools that define and can redefine the boundaries around how we perceive ourselves and the choices that we make. It’s an opportunity for transformation, really, and your very existence within the medium is a message in and of itself.

Do you have something to say, and is it worthwhile? Will people want to listen? It’s worth a shot to start putting down words in public and find out.


When I think of the past several months, my thoughts fly too quickly to be caught with the right words. 

I know this much:

If I hit three digit pageviews in a day, I throw myself a party.

If I receive a thoughtful comment from a reader, I go back and read it no less than 1,000 times. 

If my sister cries when she reads one of my posts, I'm smug.

I love writing with my own voice. 

I am worth being heard. 

To my pre-blogging self, my advice is simple:

Go ahead and write.

What are you waiting for?



Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a writer and web designer who works from Elan.Works, a designer and content editor at GenderAvenger, and a speaker who has spoken across North America. They have been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health, Woman's Day, and Flow magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.