a crafty thanks

If a quick glance at this post leads you to believe I belong to the community of crafty folk, you've been misled.

But a fantastic school year inspired me to channel (or piggyback) my kids' artisitc talents and attempt a project of my own -- to thank some phenonemal teachers. 

DISCLOSURE: I finangled a Martha Stewart craft and made it my own

The first order of business was the thank you from the kids themselves. I gave them each cards and stickers that reminded them of their teachers. They went off into their own space and came up with heartfelt and adorable notes.

While they worked on theirs, I sat down to write mine. And I cried. It's been a year worth crying about

The next step was to create the envelope accordian (so easy, my non-crafty self could do it eyes closed). Then we stuffed the evnvelopes with our notes, letters and gift cards (my son presents his challenges, this particular gift card was fitting).

And finally, we folded and tied them up. This is where I out myself as a crafting-poser. I used dollarstore curling ribbon. A true Martha would have used fabric. But you get the idea.


Happy last day of school everyone!

And thank you teachers, I'm in awe of everything you do.





Elan Morgan

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