those Jetsons were onto something

I've talked about my Tuesday mornings before. It's the morning that comes along every week and turns me into a hysterical Jetson-wannabe. Four kids, three different drop offs. It doesn't matter how organized I think I am the night before, we are always running late. 

Which then fills my brain with distracting ideas about how we could improve our morning routine:

{Am I the only one with children who find EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in their rooms fascinating in the mornings? Length of string, broken LEGO, piece of lint? With a slide like this one, our family rule about not running up slides would be most helpful. Once you come down, you stay down}

{"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T HEAR ME ASK YOU TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!?! Everyone on the street and their dog heard me!"}


{Lost track of the time while creating an art installation out of length of string, broken LEGO and piece of lint, you say? Nope. Absolutely impossible with this monster-sized time-teller}

And while I know my obsession with lunch making does nothing to counter the slowness of our mornings, I stand by my belief that every mama should have her hobbies. Bento lunches are currently one of mine. 

What I really need on my frenzied Tuesday mornings is the uber-awesome Jane Jetson walk-thru shower and primper. The one that does it all in less than 30 seconds. Only then would the: inside out yoga pants (yep), Christmas-themed hair scrunchies (uh-huh) and traces of the night before's calming mud mask around my earlobes (yes, really) be forever banished. 


I'll be better tomorrow. I have to be. It's Wednesday. 



Elan Morgan

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