ROADIES: letting go, giving thanks and singing loudly


{From road trip of 2009}


My husband works hard for this family. Very, very hard.

And so he looks forward to our yearly road trip with a rose-coloured vision of family, fun, and frolic. 

In our home, every week on the family calender is strategically planned by yours truly -- a necessity with four kids and a partner who works long hours. Our annual road trip is the one week a year that I let go and hand over control the reins.  

It's his week, not mine. I'm happy to go along for the ride. 

Besides, road trips are our thing. From the very beginning. The only two summers we've ever spent apart saw us making numerous trips back and forth with side trips aplenty. Our honeymoon was spent driving across Canada. And there were mixed tapes; JB made the best mixed tapes.

Hearing a song from one of those soundtracks is the sweetest thing. 

Yes, it's true. Our rearview mirror now frames four amazing kids. And we're not driving a fast, red car anymore. But the rolled down windows, Sweet Tarts and mixed tapes? That will never change.

We will never change.

This year, I'm surprising him with a new mixed "tape" of old songs from our earliest days together. A thank you for everything he does for us and everything he is to me. 

Buckle up. Stay tuned. Here we go. 

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Elan Morgan

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