ROADIES: une historie d'amour

"They are kind to each other's hopes. They cherish one another's dreams."

~ Henry David Thoreau


{Photo booth 1998, Montréal, moments after JB proposed}

One of the highlights of this year's road trip was a quick stop at the fountain where JB proposed 14 years ago. We only had a few moments there, laughing and throwing our hands up as we did our best to capture a frame with all four kids. No time for the reflection I imagined while we made our way over.


{Four beautiful faces fill the space where our family began}

The night I said yes, I scribbled my thoughts down on a piece of paper that I keep in our wedding album. I wrote about the anticipation I saw on his face and how I wanted to hold onto the hope I felt in that moment. 

We aren't perfect. We get it wrong sometimes. We say things we regret. But the hope we have for each other is always there. It's what makes us good. We want more for the other than we do for ourselves. It isn't a martyrdom kind of thing or a passivity towards our personal goals. He thinks I'm the better person and I think the same of him. We call each other out without misunderstanding, because there's never a question of motive. He wants everything for me and I want to give it to him in return.


{Self-portrait 2012, Montréal}

During our brief visit, we noticed how little the space had changed. And I realized how much I wanted it to be the same; to withstand time and turbulance. It reminded me of hope when I saw that it had.


Elan Morgan

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