PHOTO BOOTH: "Bonkers for Bentos"


It's the first week of school which means it's time to get serious about lunch boxes again.

And it seems my enthusiasm is catchy.

I'm absolutely amazed by the number of emails, Facebook messages, and tweets I've received about my kids' lunches. I'm not a culinary whiz or a hardcore foodie (yet), but friends are asking for my advice anyway.

Confession: I have a (annoying) habit of posting photos of my Bento creations. They don't come close to the works of art I find all over the internet (when I should be doing other things), but I think they appeal to my friends and family because they're doable. And really, we're already standing over top of those lunch boxes every day -- why wouldn't we want to make good food look great?

For more inspiration, check out my friend Karen's list of tips for stress-free lunch making (warning: she's a fan of Bento, too). 

Happy lunch making, friends!

Keep those questions coming. 

 **Tip: I sprinkle cinnamon on apple slices to cover up the natural browning process. Tastes good, too!