family friday

This morning I woke to the smell of hot breakfast and the sound of children laughing too hard to catch their breath. 

The holidays make me happy for so many reasons, but most of all because we escape our routines and return to one another. 

One of JB's greatest traits is his ability to embrace slow. He never gets antsy in the face of a day with nothing planned and, in fact, he relishes the pace. He is my perfect counterbalance.

After stumbling around in our pajamas for far too many hours, we made the decision to stuff the kids into immobilizing suits and head for the hills—the tobogganing kind. 


I remember how it thrilled me and my sister to watch our dad slide down the neighbourhood hill on one of our crazy carpets. All three of us would laugh and laugh until we couldn't catch our breath. 

So I'm sharing this clip of baby girl's first downhill ride—even though the wind makes my upper lip disappear and I should never be seen in public with ALL of my hair under a toque—because I want to hold onto a day where our only plan was to be a family. 





Elan Morgan

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