Thanksgiving arrived on such a beautiful weekend; it was impossible to stay inside. 

There was no escaping the sunny sky, warm breeze and crunchy leaves.

Delicious meals were served on tables cluttered with grown ups, while children had their fun in other rooms (!). Older cousins looked out for younger ones. Everyone was self-sufficient. 

There were uninterrupted glasses of wine and steaming mugs of coffee.

After 10-plus years of triaging babies and toddlers at dining room tables, it felt like I had finally arrived to the party. And goodness, it was great.

We were able to celebrate with both sides of our family this year and that's the very best.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, too.

Here is another gathering that feels like magic. I hope you enjoy The Heavy Blinkers as much as I did when my friend Kate Inglis first shared this clip. It's Canadian talent at its finest.