The other day, a friend asked when JB and I planned to give up our one-concert-a-month kick

What began as an experiment, something different, a why not...has become a must for both of us.

There is no easy when you choose to be with someone. There are always big worries and tiny hurts. And although those bumps and jostles are part of growing—individually and together—they can still knock the wind out of you.

Music fills our hearts, and when our hearts fills, so do our lungs—with breath, with gratitude. 

This month we couldn't settle on an artist we both wanted to see. 

So we agreed to part ways and follow the sounds that sang to our own ears. It just so happened that both shows landed on the same night. We drove in opposite directions and had opposite experiences.

This is where I was last Friday. 


And this is where JB was:


Sometime after midnight, we met at home and shared stories of our respective shows.

He had his thing, I had mine.

And by going in opposite directions, we were reminded that we have each other, too.  



Elan Morgan

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