REPEATER: back to the river

You guys know how I feel about my kids taking music lessons and expressing themselves creatively. 

I'm all tiger mom about it—because I believe, no, I know, it's good for their growing hearts. 

It doesn't matter where the lessons and the practices take them. We don't push them to move at any pace other than their own. 

But, sometimes, they surprise us.

Last summer, when our daughter was only five, she clomped onto a stage in too-big sandals and stood in front of a room of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, at the year-end performance. She'd started piano lessons earlier that year, because big sister was taking them, too.

She was only just starting to read, so we found a teacher who could split the lessons in half: piano and voice. They dabbled in familiar songs, because without being able to read, they were more likely to stick.

I was wrestling a fidgety toddler when I watched her step up to the microphone. And I had a last minute thought that I should try to grab a clip on my phone. 

This clip is short and wobbly. I wish it wasn't.

She made strangers cry. She made her teachers cry. She made us cry.

She got a standing ovation. 

She brought her heart onto that stage and threw it to us, knowing we would catch it.

I remember glancing at my husband and knowing what he was thinking, We never could have done this.


I'll often see or hear my kids piled up on the piano bench, plunking out made-up songs. Even the littlest one will stand on her tippy toes to reach the keys.

Is it too big a wish that I hope they never stop?


Photo credit: from Asthmatic Kitty

This sister duo, Lily and Madeleine, landed in my inbox a few days ago.  

When I watch this, I think about them piled on piano benches and standing on tippy toes. And I wonder if their parents thought the same things I do now.

Keep playing. Keep throwing your heart out.

You can download their five-song EP on itunes. And you can find acoustic versions (LOVE) of three of their tracks on Bandcamp




This is not a promotional post, it's just me flogging you with beautiful sounds.  


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