My Promise


My little loves:

There are some ugly things happening in the world. You will read this post when those days are part of history. I'm not ready to talk to you about them yet.

But I can't keep you from them forever—I know there will come a time that you see the ugly with your own disbelieving eyes. 


I was in grade two when our family moved to a new neighbourhood. It was the middle of a school year, so I was allowed to finish at my original school. The route from our new house to my old school took me down a long path and through a tunnel that ran underneath a busy road—to keep us safe from traffic.

On the other side of that tunnel, there was a hang out for a group of older kids from a school across the field. At first, they stared. Then they started to taunt. They shouted names at me. Chink. Stupid. Ugly. They wanted me to speak Chinese and pull the corners of my eyes tight, while they laughed and did the same. They threw rocks at me. 

Once I finally told my parents—and I was afraid to, because I knew it would hurt them so much—I didn't walk alone again. But I never stopped walking through that tunnel. There was a park on the other side where we loved to play. There were friends that lived at the top of the hill. There were good things waiting. So we kept going. Always together, but always just the same.


When you were born, I made a promise to surround you with different faces, religions, abilities, and disablities—not to protect you from feeling different, but to show you we can be different and still the same. 

It's not about tolerance, my loves. It's about living with compassion and understanding—for your world and its people—before ignorance or fear or hate ruin the view. 

Always make the choice to look around the ugly to find the good.

On the other side of the tunnel, on the other side of the world.

In your own neighbourhood.




Elan Morgan

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