start with a plan {giveaway}

Confession: I miss, drop, and forget things on my must-do list. And I do it often. There are many nights I climb into bed with a book—when I should be doing so many other things—because I have no idea where to begin.

So I let myself off the hook and I don't start anything. 

And it's okay. 

We are constantly working on finding a rhythm as a family of six, with one out-of-the-house breadwinner and one in-the-house-wanna-be-writer. I've learned to prioritize what our family needs most.

We have a messy house, but we get the homework done.

We don't make our beds, but we eat really well. 

Truthfully, it's not easy to manage even that much sometimes. I rely heavily on reminders and props.

  • We have a gigantic wipeable homework and activities board that everyone in the house is supposed to use to stay on track. 

  • I plan our meals for the week so that we eat well and keep the grocery shopping from being an exercise in random cart-filling.

Glowbaby offers a wide range of parent-approved products that help the most disorganized find their domestic Zen. The Organized Family Menu Planner is perfect for our always-hungry crew and the tear-away grocery list (no more writing on the back of the kids' artwork!) saves me from running back for butter. 

And on those nights that I slink up the stairs and hide under my covers with a book? Well, there's nothing stopping the other grown up in the house from taking over—it's written down, after all.

I'm happy to be giving one of my Canadian readers a free copy of this fabulous (tested and approved) Family Menu Planner. Leave a comment below letting me know how organized or disorganized meal planning and grocery shopping is at your house. It's nice to know I'm in good company. 


One winner will be randomly selected on May 1st.

Make sure to stop by Glowbaby to check out their other amazing products. Next on my impossible must-do list? Memory books times four. Easy, right?