the small things

I write a lot about how much my children teach me. 

It's a topic that never runs short on inspiration. The moments present themselves every day, don't they? Sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary—but every one carrying its value. 

Last week, instead of letting an arrrrghhhhhhhhhh out in front of my son, I turned to social media to blow off some frustration. 


Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 2.03.57 PM

It's the second last week of school, and it's also a month bursting with year-ends: recitals, field trips, exams, parties, teacher gifts. In short, I'm really short on time.

But, his face.

There was no concept of time or schedules or to-do lists.

It was a building project, and building is something he loves to do. 

Normally, Friday nights are reserved for me and JB to do our own thing

Instead, there was a trip to the art supply store and a clearing of the kitchen table.

We poured our usual weekend glass of wine, and we got to work.

The ideas kept coming, and his creativity was flowing. We revisited the little buidling several times through the weekend.

We did our best to ignore the other demands of the weekend, and we built our little hearts out.

I banished any feelings of resentment and let myself see the project through his eyes. 

He climbed onto the school bus this morning with a beaming face. 

He is so proud of himself and his small house.

And for so many reasons, beyond all the paper and the glue, I am too. 








Elan Morgan

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