{GIVEAWAY}: let's do lunch



I see you over there stomping your feet.

Go ahead, get it out of your system.

You have to warm up, after all.

There's 10 months of lunch box filling coming for you, and it starts soon.

Really, really soon.

If your day-to-day life is anything like mine, I know you're getting flogged with words like:


And I know you're silent screaming every time you see them. 

I did, too. 

Sure, you say, I've seen your Instagram photos. I've read your enthusiastic posts

You're some kind of lunch box fanatic. You seem happy. You seem excited. 

It's true.

I'm a born-again lunch-maker. 

Take a minute, and read my story

I used to be resentful, too.

I would promise myself that I'd make the lunches the night before, and then I'd be standing in the kitchen every morning wailing in despair, while staring into rows of empty containers.  

It wasn't the way I wanted my kids to see me, before sending them to school, and it wasn't the message I wanted to send them about food.

Filling their boxes with good food, giving them healthy choices, being happy to do it—that's what I needed to do. 


 So, let's do lunch. 

Let's start the new school year with a renewed commitment to those lunches. 

I've said it before, your kids will thank you.


Since beginning my bento journey, I've received countless emails and questions from readers about how to get started. 

I am thrilled (BEYOND!) to be partnering with my go-to lunch-making supplier.

FENIGO is a Canadian business, that offers impeccable customer service, amazing selection, and flat-rate shipping within Canada.

WARNING: You will fall down a rabbit-hole when you click on their site.

ONE lucky Canadian reader will win a $75 voucher to be spent on the bops and whistles of their choice. 

Just leave a comment below. Vent, share, squeal.


I will randomly select the winner on Monday, August 26th.

If you share this post on Facebook or Twitter, you will gain an extra entry.

Go forth and spread the lunch making love.

We're all in this together.

I can't wait to see what you create.