A couple of weeks ago, we were leaving a concert that sang to a diverse crowd, and I overheard a comment that inspired this post.

There were two acts at the show: one with a younger following (though I am a huge fan), and one whose fan base is a demographic near-and-dear.

The commenter was of the former group, and with a dramatic eye roll and hair toss, she proclaimed:

Gawd, there are so many OLD people here. Like, yuck. 

I almost expected her to continue with an I'll never come to concerts when I'm, like, old, but I don't think she's had the we ALL get older epiphany. 


Look at them trying so hard to be cool and relevant! Mortifying!

Doing what's expected, being afraid of looking like a poser, avoiding the dreaded trying too hard, dancing when no one is watching but only then.

I'm so over it.  

I've always been the kind of person to step into whatever costume was required of me, and if the costume got itchy or felt too tight, I'd walk around inside of it anyway. 

I'm over that, too.

If I look like I'm trying too hard, it's because I am. 

This is not about marking my territory in the land of cool by writing about the concerts, or posting photos of the performers on Instagram.

I'm hoarding the memories, yes. But that's for me.  

What I'm really hoping, is that it stirs something inside of you. 

When JB and I found something we could share outside of being parents, we took it and ran straight to the box office.

We promised thick and thin and better or worse and we've encountered all of that, and we will surely encounter more. 

Going to one concert a month (even when one is a bigger fan than the other) has reignited some of the light that drew us together at the start. 

Our kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed that their parents went to a Mumford & Sons concert (our 11-year-old wants to borrow my concert tee), so we keep a book of ticket stubs to show them some day. 

Maybe—if we're lucky—it will stir something inside of them, too.

It's so much more than the music. 

It fills us up. It makes us better partners and better parents. 

If it's not music for you, find something else.

Do it, own it, grow old with it. 

Try too hard.


I'm often asked how we find shows to see.

I've personalized my Ticketmaster account with My Favourites, so I'll receive a notice if they are performing in the area.

I've also joined mailing lists for some of our favourite venues, like Massey Hall, Danforth Music Hall, and Hamilton Place.

We diligently read the Arts section of the Saturday paper.

I also follow indy artists on social media. 

Check out the apps, BANDSINTOWN and SONGKICK which track your music and let you know when one of your faves is on tour.


Mumford & Sons Acoustic Cover I'm on Fire Toronto 2013







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