into the den with bears

This mission we've been on to see one concert a month is about you as much as it is about me

I hope you're on the other side of this screen with a plan to do something that takes you in a new direction (if you've been looking for one). Maybe you're already on your way.

Whether it's alone or with someone you love.

Whether it's familiar or unknown.

Whether it's reassuring or frightening.

Whatever it is, I hope it makes you happy.


I sound like a newly-minted, overly-introspective 40-year-old, don't I?


I'll try and tone it down.

But first let me tell you about this music!!!


Last night's show landed us at the historic Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. I absolutely love this venue. It's grubby, but offers amazing intimacy and gorgeous acoustics. 

We were there to see Daughter perform. Go and check them out if you're looking for some music to listen to in the dark, when you're feeling dark, and want to feel darker. The lead vocalist, Elena Tondra, is ethereal and performs shows with more guitars than JB could stand (it was envy that had him feeling that way).

They are a very talented group with a devoted hipster following. 

But the highlight of the night for me was the opening act and phenomenal trio, Bear's Den

We had seen them last month as the opening act for Mumford & Sons, but the venue was too large to fully appreciate their talent. 

The Phoenix was perfect for them.

I mean...whoa. 

After they exited the stage, the especially grizzly-esque one (I'm still sorting out who's who) came and stood at the bar beside us. Not only did he sip his lemon-adorned drink through a straw, but he hugged every fan who approached him, which probably explains why they write such gorgeous and heartfelt love songs.  

But don't rely on me to convince you, let them do it for you. 








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