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Okay, Team Lunches.

We are just over thirty lunches into the school year, with about 200 more to get to the finish line. 

Why do I compare school lunches to miles? 

Because for some of us, it can feel like a really long race.

For some of us, it can be hard to push through.

And for some of us (ME!) attitude makes all the difference.

Because the uneaten lunches and cranky kids caused by hungry bellies weren't working for us.

I had to rethink my approach.

I had to see this chore as a chance to get smarter and better at feeding my children.

I had to let go of the frustration and remind myself that it's not a chore. It's a privilege. 

So I challenged myself to do it better than I had been.

In doing so, I realized how much I want my children to view food with joyful and grateful eyes.

And how much I want that joy and gratitude to stay with them.

I hope they learn to make good choices, yes, but that they also see food given and shared as a gesture of love and a chance for togetherness. 

And if I'm already making an effort to make that happen at the dinner table each night, then why can't I do my best when they're eating somewhere else?

So I taught myself a new lunch system that I thought might work

And I am still learning.

My lunches aren't 100% heathy and whole and balanced.

But they are better than they were.

And I hope they'll get better still.


I recently started using the YUMBOX system for my JK daughter. It's perfect for her, and she loves it.

The YUMBOX has a one piece lid-free compartment in a sturdy container with an easy-to-open latch. It is BPA-free and leak proof. There are a couple of options for layout, too.

And it allows for the perfect portion sizes for someone her age. She loves the layout and the quick access to her food. And it fits perfectly into most insulated lunch bags. They are also compact enough to be doubled/stacked for older kids with larger appetites. 

Lunch four

I'm so glad to be able to give one of these great YUMBOX systems with a lucky (Canadian) reader—thanks to the generosity of my all-time favourite lunch box destination: FENIGO.COM

Enter below and tell me whether you're already using the bento style lunch system or if it's something you've been thinking of trying. I'll randomly select a winner on October 31st. Good luck!

For more great lunch box inspiration, you can follow both Yumbox and Fenigo on Pinterest.


And if you're looking for ideas and inspiration for your kids' lunches, make sure you're following Fenigo's Faecbook page—for pictures and a chance to swap ideas with other lunch makers. 

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