What Makes A Community?


We were driving through a part of town we hadn't been to in awhile. 

My eyes scanned the road ahead and landed on the building site of a new neighbourhood of homes.

As usual, I felt myself bristle at the thought of more houses crowding our community.

Oh Mama...lookshe said from the back seat, some builders are making houses so new families can have a home. They will be so happy.

And there it was; the clarity that life experiences and cynicism and even entitlement (if I'm being really honest) have blurred.

Her four-year-old heart sees every person, every family, every home as a part of her community.

And her belief that every person belongs is so beautiful and pure that I can't find the right words to tell you what it made me feel.

I was humbled and lifted by how much her viewpoint differed from mine.


A few days later, I walked into a community where I felt like I had a home.

And I remembered her words, because there was a time when I hadn't felt like I belonged

What space was there for me, I had wondered, in these established communities?

How would I ever be able to build a home in this space?

In a town where there were so many talented writers, bloggers, and storytellers, with well-established roots and good relationships with their neighbours, I felt like a house without an address. 

At least that's what I told myself, until I learned that I was wrong. 

Until I was welcomed again and again.


Every year, I return from Blissdom with ideas and motivation and inspiration. 

And I am reminded that I am part of a community where every person belongs.

Where anyone can build a home.

I am brave enough now to knock on my neighbour's door, to hope they'll invite me inside, to imagine we'll get to know one another. 

And I thank everyone of you who has opened their door for me.

You have humbled and lifted me, too. 

I hope we can continue to grow this community and hold onto the vision my daughter has when she sees the world. I hope we can lift each other up.

To get started, take a moment to read about my friend Alex's post-Blissdom project

I can't think of a better place to bring people together than at a potluck of joy. 

See you there, neighbour. 


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Elan Morgan

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