{GIVEAWAY}: Instagram Moments

There's something about spring that makes me want to get organized. 

It's like the hibernation is over, and I'm compelled to get the cave in tip-top shape before the next slumber comes. 

One of the projects that always sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear has to do with the vault of digital photos waiting for my attention. In fact, they do more than whisper—they haunt me.

I long to see them in an album or framed on my walls—because I take great photos. I don't mean they are professional-grade, but they do tell a beautiful story. It makes me crazy knowing those moments are locked in places seen by my eyes only.




This past Christmas, I received the most phenomenal gift.

One of the best I've ever received. 

My brother-in-law called everyone into the room to watch me open it. 

I braced myself for a wave of emotion, because I could see by its shape that it was a photo frame. 

When I saw what he had done, there were tears.

When I look at it now, all these months later, there are still tears.

By using my Instagram feed, he captured and chronicled a year of priceless photos in one frame. 

Not only did his gift acknowledge the value I place on my photos, it showed me how much he admired the commitment JB and I have made to reconnecting—and it meant the world to me.




If you use Instagram as much as I do, you'll love my newest giveaway.

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Good luck, my friends!




Elan Morgan

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