We're about to head into year two of sleep away camp for our firstborn.

She's been working on her packing lists and planning for new adventures since the day after last year's camp came to an end. 


The closest JB and I ever came to this kind of experience was being shipped off to Grandma's house during the summer. We were glad (and proud) that our daughter wanted to jetté outside her comfort zone (and ours) by attending a ballet program in the city.

Last summer, she grew leaps and bounds and came home with a new confidence (and all of her belongings).

We can't wait to see what she takes away from it this year.

If you're in the process of helping your kids pack for their first (it will be okay, really) or second/third/fourth summer camp (day camps count, too!), make sure you send them with everything they'll need for a great experience.

To help you with that process (and to show you that I'm cheering you on), I'm giving away a fabulous Mabel's Labels Limited Edition CAMP COMBO to one lucky reader.

The combo pack includes:

  • 10 Sticky Labels

  • 24 Skinny-Minis™

  • 8 Shoe Labels

  • 50 Tag-Mates™

  • 2 Bag Tags

The combos are available until June 30th (to allow time for production and delivery before your kiddo's departure date). 

Be sure to check out Mabel Label's co-founder Julie Cole's Guide to Camp for great tips and advice, and click here for a fantastic printable packing list.


I'll choose my winner on Friday, June 27th to allow you time to sneak in an order. Just leave me a comment below, telling me about the adventures your camper has planned this summer. 

Good luck!




Elan Morgan

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