Now that school is out and the sun stays up really, really late, our only quiet time seems to land at the end of very long days of in/out, up/down, on/off—when parental energy levels are hovering just above zero.

And as much as Netflix served me well during the long, cold continues to find a place in my heart now that summer is here. 

JB and I have been meeting wherever we can find an empty room around 10 o'clock each night, and then we swear we will watch one, just one episode of a show. We've been mixing things up as a way to drag out the newest season of Orange Is The New Black (which is amazing), because we definitely have a tendency to binge watch the good ones. For every one episode of OITNB, we watch two episodes of Lost (yes, we are one of the few people on earth who didn't watch Lost the first time around). 


The last series we burned through together was Friday Night Lights, and y'all know how much I loved that one. Oh Timmy. Lost was a slower start for us, but we're definitely committed to seeing these characters through their backstories—which is an element of OITNB that we really enjoy, too. 

When the heat has gone to our heads, and the mess has risen to a height that feels like it surpasses our knees, sometimes the best thing for us to do is retreat to separate corners for alone time. 

In my corner, I'm making my way through Nashville (a nice way to hang onto FNL a little while longer) while JB is really enjoying the contemporary version of Sherlock.


I hope you find your quiet/alone time and spend it whatever way you need to for a recharge. If your summer is about to be anything like mine, we're all going to need it. If you're watching a good show on Netflix, I'd love to hear about it, please share!


Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam blogging program. I was not compensated for this post, but do receive perks and insider information about awesome shows from Netflix. 

The opinions and recommendations regarding the shows I watch are all mine. 




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