We went camping over the weekend. It's always exactly what we need and is always over too quickly.

It's a chance to step away from routines, deadlines, clocks. 

The only electronic device we bring is my iPhone, because it's also my camera. 

Having such a small and easy-to-carry photo taker (and those tiny cameras just get better and better) helps me capture the quiet moments—they work quickly and without a lot of distraction.


Since receiving an iPhone 5 for my birthday last year, I've been treating it more like a point-and-shoot camera with the added perk of being able to fiddle with elements like colour and saturation before I post, save or share my photos. 

And as the cameras continue to improve on smartphones, so do the photography apps. The list is endless, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with the options. One of the best ways for me to discover new apps, is to find photos that please my eye (and we all have preferences) and then familiarize myself with the apps those photographers are using. I primarily use Instagram to find inspiration, but it's everywhere. 

Last week, my gallery on How To Take Great Photos of Your Family was featured on Today's Parent, and one of the apps I mentioned was very recently launched. 


I stumbled onto the Fat Mum Slim Photo-A-Day challenge while poking around on Instagram, and I loved it. Chantelle takes bright, simple, clean photos that really appeal to me, and she is a big supporter of sharing photos and building a supportive community. Her new photo editing and sharing app, Little Moments, is so fun and easy to use (and includes an awesome photo prompt function). Chantelle is generously giving one of my readers the new app for free (told you she likes to share).

Just enter below to win. Happy snapping!


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Elan Morgan

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