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I am spending the end of Canada's birthday month abroad. And my focus and energy has been directed at getting ready and prepared for take off. I'm going on my own (without JB and the kids) and joining my parents and sister for a 10-day re-do of a childhood trip to Ireland.

There's a lot to do to get ready both for the trip and for what will go on here at home while I'm away. In between the swimming and camping and messing up of the house, I've had to rely on entertainment that comes from a source other than me, and I'm reminded how much I appreciate being part of the Netflix blogging team. As part of the team, I receive alerts about shows that are offered and we often discover new shows that save me from listening to My Little Pony on repeat.

This month, Netflix is spotlighting Canadian-made or inspired shows. Here are some that kids have been enjoying, just in case you have suitcases to pack, or a long to-do list, or you've hit one of the those the-kids-are-home-for-the-summer speed bumps.


Nickolodean's Team UmiZoomi is a lot of fun, and the kids have been taking away interesting factoids, too. 

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And one of my favourite shows is Super Why! because a little extra focus on letters and reading during the summer months is never a bad thing. 

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For the school-aged set, Diary of a Wimpy Kid gets a lot of air time. We've read all the books and my kids are huge fans of the characters and funny storylines.  

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I hope your summer is going well and you are all finding moments of calm in the chaos. I admit there have been some late nights and sleepy mornings around here, and that's okay. I'm doing my best to soak up the unstructured days and not get too fussed about having a plan for each day—not an easy feat for a mom of four who relies heavily on routine to get through the school year. We'll get back on track in time for school, right? Happy July, everyone!




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