back to school

I get the How do you do it all? question a lot—especially with the back to school season upon us.

Four kids to organize. Six mouths to feed. Looming deadlines to meet. 

And the short answer is: there isn't an all for me. Not a version that's set in stone anyway. Each week, the all is different from the one behind it and nothing like the one that waits ahead. 

The rhythm of our family life has changed from the early days of marriage and parenthood. There was more structure, more routine, and more consistency back then. I used to think it was the key to a happy home, but the further I moved from that approach (with the arrival of each new baby) the more I could see there was less contentment, less spontaneity, and less joy in that rigidity.

There's more chaos in my life now and though I am mostly at peace with it—I know there's a lot that could be and should be done better. And we will get there, or we won't, and it's okay.

I want you to know, my dear friends and fellow parents, that it's okay to have an all that looks different from the one you thought you would have or that other families seem to achieve. 

Set a bar that's just high enough to keep you standing on your toes, keep it set to a height that lets you reach and swing wildly from it when those kinds of moments grab you (let's say, for example, getting a new puppy the first week of school). And promise me, you'll let those moments grab you. That you'll let them change the shape of your all so that it fits perfectly into your heart. 

back to school

To cheer you on through the back to school season, I am partnering with one of my favourite apps, Flipp, to give away a $50 VISA Giftcard to one lucky reader.

I bring this app to the grocery store every time I visit (which is often). It lets me search through the digital flyers in my area (which are updated weekly) for the specific items that I need to purchase. Flipp then finds the best prices and clips them so that I can price match at the check out. I was skeptical about the actual savings until I gave it a try. You won't be disappointed. 

You can download the app on iTunes and Google Play

For more tips and tricks when grocery shopping, here's my recent piece for Today's Parent magazine.

11 Tips for Saving Time and <oney at the Grocery Store.

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