Slow Days


As soon as the last shiny Christmas bauble comes down and gets packed away, I feel a familiar dullness start to creep in. It's nothing I can't handle or push aside enough to get through the day and do the things I need to, but it unsettles me enough that I've always felt the need to do something about it.

Normally, I'm very high energy. I do no less than two things at once. And when this dullness starts to settle in, I typically feel like I need to kick it up a notch and do more, more, more to help combat those feelings. 

But wisdom, and thyroids, have me approaching this winter differently. 

Over the Christmas break, we looked at our family schedule and decided to eliminate some of our commitments, so we had less places to be and more time to do...well, whatever strikes our fancy. 

We aren't a winter sport family, so I guess I've always worried that we need to keep moving at a fast clip to keep ourselves active. But lately I'm realizing the muscle that tends to end up feeling most fatigued is my mind.

I am beginning to understand that a shift to hibernation mode is okay, and, dare I say, restorative and healthy for me and the kids.

So on the agenda for the next few months are swimming, curling and a family getaway. Other than that, it's homework, board games, play dates, books, movies, Wii dance parties and music.

And cooking. Lots and lots of cooking. 

There is nothing that warms me up more than soups and stews, and with windows and doors closed against the cold, the aroma of a simmering pot is so comforting. 

So come join me as I head into my self-imposed slow revolution. To get you started, I'm giving away (thanks to my generous friends at Simon & Schuster Canada) a copy of Canadian Living'sNew Slow Cooker Favourites cookbook.   


As we make our way through the book this winter, we are picking out our family's favourites. At the top of the list, so far, is the Monster Meatball recipe. It also ended travelled from my kitchen to a girlfriend's table when she and her family were going through a rough patch of illnesses. And her four kids gave it two thumbs up, too.


Leave me a comment below, and one lucky Canadian reader will have a copy delivered to their door. 

Does your family go into hibernation mode during the winter, too?

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