He Meant What He Said


He has a very unnerving way of upholding his vows. 

I mean, I think I do the best I can on my end, but he is sort of unwavering.

Last year, on March break, he got sick. And I got irritated

This March break, I got sick. Right after a girls' night in the city, which meant that instead of coming home and being all in again, I was all out and in solitary confinement to keep the flu bug from spreading. 

He didn't complain, eye roll or sigh. And if he did do any of those things, it was away from where I would see it. 

He took care of me, he took care of the kids, he took care of the house. 

And while, yes, I am the one to do all those things when he is working outside the home, when we are all home at once, it's divide and conquer, all hands on deck. 

His generosity will not be brought up again, and thanks are not required. He has never been one to accept accolades or let me make a deal out of the good stuff. Even though he knows I need him to make a deal out of the good stuff sometimes. 

If I had to say, I think it's because he understands I'm always riding a work/stay/work/stay pendulum. And every day that I choose to stay—even though he'd gladly support me if I went back to working outside the home—he is grateful. He understands that I need validation and even some accolades from time-to-time.

Maybe in his mind, he's the one that has to catch up. 

But I don't know that he thinks about it as much as I do. He just does what he promised he would. 

For you, JB. Even though you don't need me to give it to you.


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Elan Morgan

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