Oh, Canada


{Photo credit: True North Trappings}

I'm married to a boy scout.

And I don't mean that in a what a swell guy kind of way (though he certainly is), but in a literal way. 

He is fourth generation Canadian on his mom's side, and he grew up in small town Ontario. 

He loves this country and wants to see every corner of it. 

He likes to be outside and wants our children to be outside.

Riding bikes and skipping rope in our suburban driveway, yes.

But also sleeping bags under the stars and tipsy canoes on the lake. 

So we've made it a priority to be a family that camps, and while we haven't moved beyond the campfires and beaches kind of camping (I'm working through a fear of wildlife), we treasure the time we've spent exploring Ontario's provincial and national parks every summer.

When a dear friend of mine recently launched her line of rustic Canadiana pieces at True North Trappings on Etsy, I knew I had to have one of her pieces for our home.

Our finished piece arrived this weekend, and it's going to be the perfect fit for a new space we're working on. The wood is a beautiful walnut colour and the silhouette of the Great Lakes is perfection. This rugged piece has the qualities we are drawn to when we choose art for our home: unique and simple. It tells a story about who we are as a family, and I know it's a piece we will be asked about time and again. 

To show her thanks for sharing her beautiful work, my friend is offering my blog readers a custom discount code for a 30 percent savings on any of the pieces in her shop. You can contact Janet to choose your stain and design, too. 


{Photo credit: True North Trappings}

I hope our kids will look back on the time we've spent running along the shores of the Great Lakes with nostalgia. We've been camping since our first daughter was a year old, and we've never missed a summer. This year we'll be headed to Pinery and Silent Lake provincial parks, and we have some plans to travel through rural Quebec. 

From now until April 13th, you can use the code: LNP30 to save 30% on your custom piece. You can also find True North Trappings on Facebook and Instagram, if you'd like to follow along as the collection and creativity continue to grow.

Congratulations, Janet, on your wonderful shop,

and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with my readers. 

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