{Giveaway}: Summer Isn't Over Yet, You Guys!

I see what you're doing with your status updates and snowsuit displays.

There are only "x" number of days until summer is over.

Well, I can't heeeeeeeeearrrrrrrrrr you.

I'm over here counting the days of summer like they're here to stay.

Because you're right. Changing leaves and school lunches will be here before we've had a chance to use up all our sunscreen, and I want my kids to soak up every ray of sunlight that we can.

We're going to squeeze in a trip to Canada's Wonderlandwith friendsbefore the end of the month, and PayPal Canada wants you to come with me.

I remember when my oldest cousin got his driver's license and my other cousins, sister and I would pile into his car and head to the park so we could be there from open to close. It became an annual family tradition that we've continued with our own kids. The smell of funnel cakes and the sounds of screaming roller coaster riders still makes me giddy. I can remember the feeling of my legs hanging from the swings as we swooped over top of the park like we could fly. And I cherish the collection of key chain photos and the taped recordings of our heartfelt Boyz II Men karaoke sessions. There are so many wonderful memories from the time I've spent there. 


{It's funny how much scarier roller coasters are when you bring your kids on them}

On August 27th, PayPal Canada is hosting a #WonderfulCanHappen event by offering a free screening of Jurassic World at the International Showplace Theatre. PayPal users can purchase seasons tickets, daily entrance tickets or Fast Lane passes to the park and then find the PayPal headquarters inside the park to obtain VIP wristbands for early admission, priority seating and other goodies at the Jurassic World screening (doors to the theatre open at 6:45 for PayPal users).

I'm giving away VIP packages to two lucky (Ontario residents only) readers. 

  • two park entrance tickets
  • two Fast Lane passes
  • one parking pass
  • two $5.00 food vouchers

Go ahead and enter below to win. 

I'll meet you at the Ghoster Coaster. 

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