The Value of Holiday Tradition


Calenders!!! his voice called to me over the phone.

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor of our room, door barricaded, a Christmas movie distracting the kids downstairs frantically wrapping gifts while he tied up some loose ends at his office. 

I thought you got them, I answered. 

He forgot, it was revealed, as I let my eyes slide over to the clock that told me there was less an hour of shopping time left. 

One of the first Christmas mornings I spent with JB's family, I noticed a new calendar in front of each person's stocking. And I was touched when I saw one placed there for me—even though he and I lived in the same house. I was being invited to his family's tradition and it meant a lot. 

We don't have that loved one with us now, but we've never missed a year of calendars in front of our kids' stockings. And as I called downstairs to our teen to watch the kids, I knew this year would not be the exception. I know tradition can bring comfort and closeness when you are missing a loved one, and this is a time of year when missing can be at its greatest. 

I hope those of you who are missing someone can find some comfort in familiarity and togetherness. And I hope you, my dear readers, find joy in traditions new and old. 

Happy Holidays—thanks so much for being here.